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When it comes to children’s book illustrations, for me they are all about what happens and how it makes a character feel; the joys, the sadness, the fear, the humour and the elation, etc. The tale and the character should suck you in, summersault you around, tease and tickle you, from the first word to the very last and way beyond. The characters are flesh and blood, they are thinking, feeling individuals who twist and turn and leap and squirm depending on what happens to them.

In my work, I am always seeking to express emotional warmth, something that is heartfelt. A little bit of magic that will stay with you long after you have finished reading the story and closed the book. I seek to express the range of emotions that the characters feel, to depict living, breathing movement; characters which are real within their invented world and always utterly alive.

The book itself is the vehicle and this too should be alive with variety, from one double page where you are portrait-close to the character, to the next panoramic spread, guiding your gaze into the distance. No composition or layout is ever the same but provides something new and interesting on which to feast the eyes, with every turn of the page.


IN FROM THE COLD is about a young protagonist, Mimi. It’s about being bold enough to share how you feel, (you might just find out that someone else is feeling it too!) It’s about being brave enough to try something new.

It’s about helping each other, but most of all it’s about making new friends and what you can achieve when you all get together.

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