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For many years I have been intrigued by the various ways in which people go about communing with each other. How they form their identity and sense of self, and to what extent it is defined by others, by circumstance or by outside influence. It is not the overt communication between characters that is a central theme, but self-communion; the thoughts and conversations occurring in the minds of characters in any given situation and the significance of these musings and the responses that they illicit.

I am particularly drawn towards quirks in personality and the touching, often humorous events which can arise when two such characters interact. The delicate awkwardness that can become visible when individuals allow their masks to slip is deeply moving. 

While much of my work is inspired by the visual and behavioural details of human or animal subjects, my observations and musings on nature frequently form the context for a piece. I am in the process of enlarging my investigatory focus and reflecting on how the immediate environment influences a character’s reactions. When creating a piece, I am constantly flitting between observational drawings and my imagination, and the result is a balance between the two.

The majority of preliminary works are studies in pen and ink. Using a permanent non alterable medium forces me to concentrate harder when sketching. I know that the resultant drawing will be there for posterity in unchangeable form. The quick drying of acrylic enables the layering of delicate colours, and works can be built up to produce rich and complex results. It also encourages me to work with a heightened energy, creating work which is intensely alive.

I work for children’s book publishers, advertisers, produce large scale murals and exhibit with galleries in the UK and the US.

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